• Top 9 Foods that Damage Your Teeth
    Hard Candy – While hard candies can seem harmless, eat too many and the constant exposure to sugar can harm your teeth. Hard candies also put your teeth at risk Read more
  • Dentists Help Patients Say Goodnight to Sleep Issues
    For those who have never consulted a dentist about treatments for sleep apnea and snoring, it may be time to make an appointment. Dental sleep medicine is a growing segment Read more
  • Dental Care During Holiday Vacations
    With fall décor officially over and every store moving full-steam ahead with Holiday deals and decorations, our dentists wanted to offer some dental care tips for holiday vacations. After all, Read more
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
    When we think of cancer we don’t normally think of it in the mouth, however the problem is very prevalent these days. Dentists and other oral health care professionals are Read more
  • Sleep Apnea vs. Snoring
    Snoring is normal. We all laugh about it in TV shows, or have experienced a sleepless night due to a snoring partner, but what you may be witnessing is not innocent Read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Skip Routine Dental Cleanings
    Most people brush and floss their teeth regularly. However, many of these same people are also skipping trips to the dentist. Yes, money may be tight. But is the long-term Read more
  • In House Whitening – The Best Option
    Tooth whitening is slowly becoming more popular and with popularity comes options. With so many products to choose one how do you decide what is best for you? Dentists in Read more
  • Treating Tooth Decay
    Depending on how advanced your situation there are a few different ways of treating tooth decay. If your tooth decay is in the first stages, then your dentist might apply a Read more
  • Invisalign
    Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you; that means no brackets, bands or wires. These aligner trays Read more
  • 10 Fun Dental Facts
    It can be difficult to get your child to be excited about their dental health, but we have put together a list of 10 fun (and a few gross) dental Read more
  • Happy Mouth, Happy Body
    Did you know that dental health is linked to other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and even an increased risk of having a stroke? Periodontal disease (also known Read more
  • Dental Surgeries – Dental Extraction and Root Canal Therapy
    Cosmetic dental surgeries sound much more daunting than they really are. Most dental surgeries consist of procedures like tooth extraction, gum reshaping, dental implants, root canal, etc. Whether it is Read more
  • Why Take Your Kids For Dental Visits Early In Life?
    Tooth decay is a common situation for kids because almost all of them have already had at least one cavity once they reach the age of four. For this reason, Read more

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